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NYAPRS Board of Directors Meeting

December 20, 2012



Present:  Maura Kelley, Michelle Jensen, Sandy Brower, Ray Schwartz, Daniel Neal, Teresa Hall, Lori Albrechta, Peter Trout, Carla Rabinowitz, Steve Coe, Alison Carroll, John Culligan, Robyn Krueger, Sue Parrinello,

Not Present: Eva Dech, Steve Miccio, Ashley Pizzuti, Kellie Trombley, Paul Babb, Barbara Tedesco, Doug Hovey

Staff:  Harvey Rosenthal, Mark Denley, Chacku Mathai, Jen Cornell, and Courtney Powers


Meeting Called to Order:  2:05pm


Approval of October 25th Meeting Minutes:  Motion to accept by Sandy Brower, seconded by Daniel Neal. Maura Kelley’s name misspelled. All in favor.


Executive Director Harvey Rosenthal’s Report:  Please see report. We are finishing up the year on a high note. We are currently very involved in advocacy as the year closes. Coming off a very successful PROS Academy and also now prepping for Legislative Day 2013. Mark Denley has sent in the 2011 CFR, with Auditor signed off on. Currently in the process of expensing our 2012 funds with Jen Cornell’s supervision. Mark is finalizing our 2012 budget. Jen has been updating all our HR records, as well as all other HR needs. Advocacy: trying to do many things. Fighting off merger with OMH, DOH, OASAS, and OPWDD(?) joining together. Within two to three years these programs may align, but not now. Olmstead Plan is operational a cabinet will be appointed. Regarding the CT Tragedy – there is information coming out slowly about the shooter. There has been uch discussion about Gun Control, but also talk around Mental Health. Peer Services had a conference program this week, we are really seeing and learning what Peer Services is about incl: Bridgers, etc. More formalization is coming in Peer Services program. Our e-news membership and delivery is very strong. We are continuing with trainings (NYC, NC, etc)


Treasurer Peter Trout’s Report:  See report. Committee met yesterday (12/19/12). Currently they are showing a surplus. CMTI and APS contracts are now booked. Revenue point – all is well. Upgrading phone, server, technology needs, as well as other office needs at NYAPRS. Financial picture is strong. Onetime bonus was given to the staff to thank them for their dedication to the NYAPRS mission. Mark is working on an RFP bid for a new auditor for early next year. Harvey and Mark are working on a procedure for staff documentation of time in prep for future audits. Motion – roll over 2012 budget into January until 2013 budget is ready. Michelle motion to approve, Second by Sandy Brower(?). All in favor. In January 2013 budget will be before the board for review.


USPRA Report:  Please see report. Putting out a call for papers for their annual conference. Still being run by a management firm.


Governance Committee Reports


Human Resource Report by Jen Cornell: Committee met on Nov. 19. Reclassification of employees, I9’s, etc. Trainings of staff on best HR practices. Open enrollment has been completed for medical, dental, EPA, etc. Performance evaluations are in process of being revamped. We are transitioning payroll from current vendor to Pay Checks. Admin topics: procedures, supervisory of admin team, etc. Implement a master database for all of NYAPRS. New phone and network server in 2013.


Board Development Report by Alison Carroll:  Two candidates one for a board member and the other a regional coordinator. Board member for nomination – Cindy Peterson D(?). Brian Hollander is nominated for a co-regional coordinator in Westchester. Michelle Jensen motion, John Culligan seconded, All in favor, motion carried.


Public Policy Committee Report by Ray Schwartz:  See report, focused on preparations for Legislative Day. Meeting tomorrow – 12/21 at 2pm. Please make an effort to attend Legislative Day 2013! Will have more information following 12/21 public policy meeting, in January. Heed the call to pay for buses.


Fund Development by Doug Hovey: See minutes and report. Met in early December, discussed the NYAPRS video and dues. But it was a short call.


Cultural Competence by Theresa Hall:  See minutes and report. Meetings continue monthly. Happy to have their conference workshops were valuable to attendees. Asks the board to carefully review their included report in the board book. New participants on last call. Carol Segal was also a part of the November meeting and very impressed with Culture Matters Campaign. Looking to do things on a larger scope and getting out into the community. Committee concerned with NYS response to Hurricane Sandy and that better disaster relief is needed.


Peer Services Work Group by Maura Kelly:  MHEP/NYAPRS Conference 12/17-12/19 was very well presented to all in attendance. All in attendance had the opportunity to give and take from one another. This conference was a great way to get everyone on the same page about Peer Services. Maura found the whole process very exciting and engaging. NYAPRS/UMDNJ can be considered the agents of the peer community. Thinks this work group will be able to drive the Fact Sheet.


Ad HOC Committee Reports


Executive Seminar/Conference 2012 by Harvey Rosenthal:  We were told it was the best ever. We will begin looking for a new venue for the conference in 2014 due to conditions of the hotel, illness of attendees, etc. Michelle Jensen would be interested in being a part of this committee to look for a new conference location.