NYAPRS Member Memo- July

Dear Members,

As a reminder, we have a Member Meeting tomorrow morning, July 31, from 10-11AM. We would like to hear from you! The summer often brings with it missed opportunities for communication. We are eager to hear from you on the key issues of managed care readiness, DSRIP network preparation, and health home engagement. Please call in using the following information: Dial: 1-805-309-2350  Conference ID: 327-7280

We are continuing advocacy on the issue of including state aid funded providers onto the DSRIP safety net. I have been actively reviewing state and federal policy on the issue to ensure we have clarity of rules and interpretation; I reviewed the issue in a joint advocacy meeting last week with regional CMS officials; we are engaged in conversations with the state agencies about how to ensure full participation of providers who serve over 35% Medicaid, Medicare, or uninsured individuals. We are working to move this issue forward and will share the latest with you tomorrow on the call.

If you meet the qualification of serving over 35% Medicaid, Medicare, or uninsured individuals in your program, but you are not yet on any of the state’s safety net provider lists, at this point I would appreciate hearing from you. Please send me an email with your agency name and a very brief list of the services you provide if you are not on the safety net provider lists. Previously, our advocacy was contingent upon principles of system reform that were impeded by the exclusion of many of you. Now we are entering a stage in our advocacy where it will be crucial to understand the activities of a subset of providers who were not included on safety net provider lists. It may be particularly important for you to note services that you provide that you DO NOT perceive will be included in 1915i, so that we can continue to advocate for the breadth of services to utilize for reduced hospitalizations.

We look forward to talking to you tomorrow morning!

Kind regards.

Briana Gilmore


“Suffering arises from trying to control what is uncontrollable, or from neglecting what is within our power.”

– Epictetus